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10th International Fluid
Power Conference

March 8 - 10 | 2016
in Dresden


System Application

Mobile Application and Transportation

  • Smart architectures for working hydraulics,
    drive trains and steering systems
  • Hybridization
  • Assistance systems, automation

Industrial Applications

  • Smart system solutions
  • Improvements in efficiency,
    productivity and quality
  • Improved user interfaces

Smart Integration

System Integration and Safety

  • Model based system design
  • Software development and test
  • HiL -, SiL -, MiL - tests
  • Functional safety and reliability
  • Cross - domain networking

Thermal Behavior of Fluid Power Systems

  • Thermal analysis of machines
  • Aging and wear affect
  • Optimal thermal design

Components and Fundamentals

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components

  • Innovative displacements units and principles
  • Developments in valve technology
  • Storage and recuperation technologies
  • Simulation based design and numerical optimizations
  • Miniaturization in hydraulics and pneumatics


Special Applications

  • Solar, wind and water power
  • Testing techniques, processing engineering
  • Aeronautical, space, rail and automotive

Aeronautical, space, rail and automotive engineering

  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Novel applications
  • Smart pneumatic
  • efficient circuitry concepts


Novel system structures/control strategies

  • Decentralized systems, independent drives
  • Usage of innovative control concepts
  • Automatic start - up strategies
  • Independent metering architectures
  • Digital fluid power

Energy, Environment and Process

  • Research and simulation in environmental
    effects and user dependence
  • Interaction of process and drive systems
  • Total cost of ownership


Fundamentals of Fluid Power

  • Pressure mediums, filtration
  • Sealing and bonding technologies
  • Alternative materials and designs

Actuators and Sensors

  • Valve and pump actuators
  • Improvements and new principles of actuators
  • Functional integration, control and manufacturing process
  • Condition monitoring